About Me

I honestly believe that shaking things up is the only way to find effective solutions to challenges. My name is Vineet Nayar and I am passionate about doing just that. I am on a journey to Search for New Leadership that will lead the way to find the solutions for a better tomorrow and I know it is to be found beyond established pinnacles. My bet is that we will find it in the refreshingly new approach of Generation Y.

While I am an entrepreneur at heart, I have spent the better part of my adult life doing a job. The secret to my happiness has been a convergence of the two paths along the way. Having spent the first seven years of my career at HCL , I ventured into setting up HCL Comnet to meet an unfulfilled need for IT infrastructure and services. It was here that I experimented with my theory of inclusive leadership – a philosophy which shifted power away from the office of the CEO and into the hands of employees.

Beyond the corporate sphere, I am working hard to catalyze my leadership theories and business strategies to spread the magic of education through the non-profit organization, SAMPARK . I have no doubt that over time, we can “create a million smiles” through improving the quality, infrastructure and opportunity for education to the underprivileged.

About This Blog

Leadership is not limited to a boardroom, a podium or a battlefield and it is not only the established leaders that people respect and wish to emulate. The world abounds in leadership lessons - in our homes, schools, offices and neighborhoods.

My blog is a place to showcase the real life examples of leadership that we encounter each day. As part of my Search for New Leaders, I would like to invite you to share a story about yourself or any other person who, in your eyes, has really demonstrated leadership in action. This blog is also a place for us to narrate our experiences and views to collectively create a 'leadership commons' that will carve new paths and result in the leadership theories and business strategies of tomorrow. View Posts

About My Book

I think that leadership is a pursuit of values and that success is a by-product rather than a destination. In the corporate world, we tend to look up the ranks for leadership, but my theory on leadership is that it lies at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy. In 2010, I published a book which outlines my leadership theories. “Employees First, Customers Second” turns conventional management on its head and is based on my theories. Placing customer satisfaction second may be an alarming thought for some, but once you’ve read this book you may have a very different view. I invite you to let me know your thoughts on it once you’ve read it. I am humbled that the success of my transformative approach has been recognized by respected institutions across the world, including Harvard Business School.

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