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Be the change you want to see

05 December 2013
Vineet Nayar

Today is voting day in Delhi and soon in other states too. I hope all of you reading this blog have decided which party or rather which issues you will be casting your votes for and I hope even more ardently that you will actually go out and vote today.
Your 30 minutes could change our nation’s destiny so step out of your houses and get that ink on your fingernail. Don’t fool yourself with the usual alibis this time: no good candidates in the fray, unfamiliarity with larger issues, being too busy or simply that one’s vote hardly matters. Remember the system becomes corrupted because people refuse to take responsibility of fixing it; by abdicating the responsibility to vote, you are directly responsible for the kind of politicians and policies you get. So don’t just pray for things to change, change them with your vote this time.
I often think of our country's freedom struggle when I step into the voting booth. I remember the oppression and aggression our forefathers went through to earn us this voting right in the world’s largest democracy. The least we can do to respect their legacy is to exercise our votes to ensure our democracy continues to flourish.
So today, make your way to your polling station and take out a few minutes to vote. It CAN and DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
Be the change you want to see. Walk out and Vote NOW!