Tech talent pool must be leveraged further

18 December 2012 | Source: Deccan Herald
Deccan Herald

Traditional Indian Information Technology (IT) industry could do much better if it learns to leverage the vast talent pool in the country to create knowledge-based services, HCL Chief Executive Officer Vineet Nayar said.

Speaking at the All India Management Association (AIMA) summit on “Leveraging technology to impel the next phase of growth in India”, the HCL chief said that knowledge-based services will drive growth in the years to come and added that technology makes knowledge more meaningful.

On creating more entrepreneurial opportunities, he said that, “Applying technology to solve problems of the masses will create a lot of entrepreneurial talent around it,” Nayar added.

The summit discussed how, despite the success of IT sector and having technological capabilities, India is often considered to be a developing nation and how convergence of technology with other sectors can be an effective solution to reduce the dependency on one particular sector for growth.

“Traditional IT outsourcing has yielded results, but now we must look at products and services that can reach the end-consumer under our own brand,” Genpact Non-Executive Vice-Chairman Pramod Bhasin said.