Vineet Nayar supports Brexit, says identity is at the core of all communities

24 June 2016 | Source: Times of India

RAIPUR: Philanthropist Vineet Nayar on Friday supported United Kingdom voting for Brexit saying that it has been re-established that people everywhere want to conserve their identity rather than economic considerations.

"Identity is at the core to all communities everywhere and economic and other considerations only come next," he told TOI. Nayar, former CEO of HCL Technologies and founder of Samark Foundation, is in Chhattisgarh in connection with a project aimed at reforming teaching in government schools.

"Be it a country, community or linguistic and other groups, people want to preserve and protect their identity. Same is the conflict in the tribal areas in India where locals want to conserve their identity first rather than adopting any new economic and development model," he added.

"The development model, in such a situation, has to be in integration with the needs of local communities protecting their identity and culture," he added.