Vineet Nayar’s Happy Feet

A willingness to experiment with counterintuitive, radical approaches to managing people didn’t just turn a room of dispirited techies into a frenzied dance party. This formula also allowed Nayar to turn around HCL Technologies and make a splash along the way with his concept of Employees First, Customers Second.

In this interview with a leading business magazine, Workforce, Vineet talks about ‘How would someone learn anything unless it is fun? First be happy, then be ‘effective’.

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Keeping things simple and uncomplicated

Sometimes fraternity events are the best place to think inwards, to contemplate what is and what should be, to celebrate the present and envision the future. Last week I attended Indian IT Industry’s flagship event – NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2014 in Mumbai and found myself in this intramural state of mind.

So I sat down with Govind Ethiraj on the sidelines of the Forum for a free-wheeling chat on the emerging contours of the Indian IT Industry. We discussed what the sector needs to do to re-fuel its mojo, why inspired leaders should think “transformation” and not just incremental change and how to create high-performance organizations by keeping things simple and uncomplicated.

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Relevance of Indian IT under threat

In this interview with India’s leading business daily Economic Times Vineet talks about the state of preparedness of the Indian IT Industry to handle, manage and leverage the changing dynamics of technology consumption and competition on the block; especially in the context of the digital revolution.

Source: Economic Times

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Is Davos the ant-thesis of Darwin?

Life evolves. Species evolves. Flora, fauna and algae, DNA, micro-organisms and even the dark matter evolves. Charles Darwin called this simple law of nature as “evolution”.

Wikipedia describes “evolution” as the change in the inherited characteristics with evolutionary processes giving rise to diversity at every level, while the Oxford Dictionary describes it a gradual development of something. Some people widely, though loosely, call this natural progression as Darwinism. Simple fact of science.

Not so simple when you take it to the non-scientific world or more specifically to a new center of our universe that emerges every third week of January in an alpine town called Davos.

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