Budget 2014: Green shoots of an innovative idea

The headlines in the new budget are not the numbers but the underline intention of leveraging frugal innovation through technology to transform India into a country that beats for a billion Indians. It is a budget with a difference. Let me explain.

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CHANGE is what markets voting for

For the last ten years we had a governance issue we had virtually many governments running the governance rather than a single government and irrespective of the amount of mandate NDA gets I think we are going to see at least a chance of a better governance, that would impact what I called the “efficiency of the way the governance really runs”.

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Vineet Nayar brings disruptive innovation to...

Former HCL Technologies CEO Vineet Nayar has turned seed capitalist to promote social entrepreneurs in rural India. Nayar is looking at disruptive innovations and promising entrepreneurs a guaranteed return on their investments for the first five years to create sustainable social enterprises.

Nayar had raised Rs 133 crore from selling his stake in HCL Tech, India’s fourth-largest IT services firm, and is now employing it in his non-profit Sampark Foundation.

“Everybody is obsessed with money. If you take that incentive away, entrepreneurs will not put their hearts into social ventures. So I’m guaranteeing a minimum 8-9% return on their investments,” says Nayar, under whose tenure as CEO, HCL Tech saw some amazing rates of growth.

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Vineet Nayar’s outlook for Indian IT...

Vineet Nayar is something of a legend in the Indian IT space. He took HCL, a primarily second rung IT Services company and made it one of the stars of the space today—I wrote about the company recently here and some time ago in Business Standard newspaper here. In that article journalist Rajiv Rao describes how Nayar realized the huge opportunity in renewal deals and took giants [...]

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