Nayars Gift an Auditorium to their Alma Mater,...

In a glittering ceremony in Pantnagar, Uttrakhand, Former CEO of HCL Technologies and Founder, Sampark foundation Vineet Nayar and his wife Anupama Nayar, Co-Founder, Sampark Foundation, dedicated a new auditorium – ‘Janak Nayar Auditorium’ – to their Alma Mater, The Campus School. The School hosted a gathering of hundreds of students, alumni, friends and families to formally inaugurate the new state-of-the-art facility.

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You need to own the change you want to see

Vineet Nayar has spent his life challenging attitudes to leadership and management. Here he talks exclusively to Douglas Morrisson about his work at tech giant HCL, his philanthropic foundation and why employees should come before customers.

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Budget 2014: Green shoots of an innovative idea

The headlines in the new budget are not the numbers but the underline intention of leveraging frugal innovation through technology to transform India into a country that beats for a billion Indians. It is a budget with a difference. Let me explain.

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CHANGE is what markets voting for

For the last ten years we had a governance issue we had virtually many governments running the governance rather than a single government and irrespective of the amount of mandate NDA gets I think we are going to see at least a chance of a better governance, that would impact what I called the “efficiency of the way the governance really runs”.

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