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Vineet Nayar is the former Chief Executive Officer of HCL Technologies Ltd. (HCLT), a $5.5 billion global information technology services company based in India. Nayar joined the company in 1985 when it had just $4 million in revenue, held several management positions in the ensuing years, and became president in 2005, CEO in 2007 and vice-chairman in 2010.

 Selected in Fortune Magazine’s ‘Executive Dream Team’ List, 2011

Conferred with the 'Leader in the Digital Age' Award at CeBIT, 2011

Adjudged as the ‘CEO of the Year’ in Bloomberg UTVi CXO Awards, 2011

Conferred the ‘IIM Lucknow-Vijaypat Singhania Award for Leadership’, 2012

Starting in 2005, the year he became president, Nayar led his team through a period of remarkable transformation driven by an unconventional management approach, known as “Employees First, Customers Second” that saw the company’s revenues increase more than six-fold (from $764 million to $4.7 billion), the employee base and net income more than triple and market cap double. The company also achieved the highest revenue-per-employee of any India-based company. Today HCL Technologies is 100,000+ employees strong with operations in thirty-two countries and is considered a worldwide leader in its chosen markets.


In 1993, Nayar founded Comnet which led the way in the incubation of a new business, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), now a multi-billion dollar industry. RIM is based on the idea that IT systems can be managed remotely with technology; and people need not be on site or even in close proximity to them. Comnet, now at a billion dollars in revenue and growing, has been ranked the No. 1 Infrastructure Outsourcing vendor by The Black Book of Outsourcing. It was at Comnet that Nayar developed and implemented many of the groundbreaking policies and practices that formed the core of the EFCS management philosophy.