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Let's not get scared of Internet!

30 November 2012
Vineet Nayar

The recent debate on Internet governance turned the spotlight on the power of the digital world and the urgent need to protect the people expressing their opinion on it. It is as fundamental as in the real world.

But having said that, we must remember that the Internet is more, much more than a medium for expressing our opinion. It presents a huge opportunity – the incomparable potential to bridge the economic divide and deliver basic needs like education, medicine and public service to people on the ‘bottom of the pyramid’.

A doctor treating a patient in a remote village via the internet, farmers finding the best market for their produce, poor children getting access to quality teachers; the potential of internet is immense. We cannot afford to squander away this opportunity by taking the focus away from this potential. The spotlight must be brought back to this true power of the internet. Don’t you think so?