Harvard Business Review
20 May 2010

I was delighted to catch up recently with one of my teachers, and found her as passionate about educating children today as she was three decades ago, when I was in school. We had a great conversation, but I must admit to a sense of disquiet as I heard her opinions about the next generation.

11 January 2010

"When you grow up, what would you like to be?" That's a question parents, relatives, and even complete strangers direct at children in India. As a result, the journey through life begins with the desire to be somebody tomorrow: An engineer, a doctor, a pilot... kids start working their way to a Point B that lies in the future.

Vineet Nayar
14 December 2009

als in a democratic way, and the next walls they must bring down are those between their customers and them. In the case of technology outsourcing companies, for instance, clients are not looking merely to reduce IT costs, which constitute just 3% to 10% of their revenues. They want outsourcing companies to share their long-term vision, risks, and rewards.

19 November 2009

Students all over the world are hard at work in school at this time of year. There’s a buzz on every campus as young women and men learn the rules of life, challenge them, and try to develop their own ideas, values, and principles.

24 June 2009

High quality talent needs to be available across the globe.