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24 July 2020

Resource-starved rural schools need innovative solutions to accommodate the likely surge in students due to reverse migration

India’s not-so-robust public education system is soon going to face three daunting challenges which, if not tackled with imagination, could cause it to crumble.

11 July 2020

Doctors and nurses are demotivated at this critical time because of low and delayed pay and lack of understanding among the people about the conditions in which they are working. Schools are asking teachers to work at half pay or no pay. Employees are being asked to leave for ‘performance reasons’ though everyone knows the real reason.

24 May 2020

Corporate leaders need to look for some other avenues of cost-cutting. They should remember that their future is in the hands of employees.

17 April 2020

Free online learning platform will teach children in Hindi

Sampark Foundation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded by former HCL Technologies CEO Vineet Nayar, has launched an app — Baithak — with a free learning and development platform in Hindi.
17 April 2020

Baithak provides access to teaching resources in Hindi. This app allows users to download the content for free and view without internet.

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