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30 June 2023

Chat GPT is the latest buzzword and is being heralded as the future, but to understand its true significance, one has to go back in history. In the late 19th century, typewriters became popular as they were much more efficient than writing by hand. Typists began to replace office workers who were performing tasks such as letter writing or keeping records by registering with their hands.

The Real Significance of Chat GPT
30 June 2023
In 2008, IT firms saw significant growth within two-quarters of the US meltdown because we had ready skills, people, and pricing to solve the cost take-out problem.  In 2023 customers are once again seeking accelerated technology investments to drive digital-led growth.
Are the IT industry and Engineering colleges caught on the wrong foot?
30 June 2023

Three factors have come together to create a perfect storm in the tech sector.

Perfect storm in tech sector
30 June 2023

Hope is not a Strategy.

Meeting the Aspirations of 1.4 Billion Indians
28 June 2023

Indian IT finds itself at crossroads once again. While it’s not a new experience for the industry, this time, it’s different. The questions is, is the future of Indian IT bleak, or is this just another phase it will navigate, as it has done many times before?

It’s difficult to say what the future holds, but here are 5 reasons why we should be concerned.

Indian IT at crossroads