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Keeping things simple and uncomplicated

25 February 2014
Vineet Nayar

Sometimes fraternity events are the best place to think inwards, to contemplate what is and what should be, to celebrate the present and envision the future. Last week I attended Indian IT Industry’s flagship event – NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2014 in Mumbai and found myself in this intramural state of mind.

So I sat down with Govind Ethiraj on the sidelines of the Forum for a free-wheeling chat on the emerging contours of the Indian IT Industry. We discussed what the sector needs to do to re-fuel its mojo, why inspired leaders should think "transformation" and not just incremental change and how to create high-performance organizations by keeping things simple and uncomplicated.

By the way I must reiterate here that I’m immensely proud of our Industry. We have created a multi-billion industry from scratch and provided employment to millions of Indians. Not just that we have come to symbolize the aspiration of emerging India, a country that is hungry for its pound of flesh in the global economic order. So being a proud Indian Techie I’m keen to keep this conversation open – if you have any ideas or new trains of thoughts on what you imagine are the opportunities and future possibilities for the sector then do drop a line or two at and I will be happy to curate them as a follow-up blog. Until then I leave you with some food for thought in the shape of this recent Economic Times story.

Vineet Nayar