Harvard Business Review
10 September 2010

A couple of months ago, I pointed out that any post-recession recasting of processes, practices, and positions must include changes to the CEO's role, and suggested that the time had come for chief executive officers to transform themselves into chief enabling officers.

Vineet Nayar
26 August 2010

Your animated interaction in response to my post The Miracle of Making Mistakes delved deep into the subject, broadened the interpretation of a mistake, and even coined a delightful new term: Risktakes. Thank you

26 July 2010

Make no mistake: The fear of making mistakes is deeply ingrained in our psyche.

All through school, a mistake indicates the prospect of lower grades. Good students don’t make mistakes. At home, mistakes lead to admonishments. Good children follow the rules. At work, mistakes have serious repercussions. Good workers get it right the first time.

06 July 2010

You can smell the fresh paint as companies the world over complete their post-recession overhauls. Few business organizations, functions, and processes have escaped this rethink, which is meant to fortify organizations before the next downturn comes.

22 June 2010

Wouldn’t you consider it an invasion of your privacy if marketers could rummage through your closet to check your brand preferences? What if potential employers could disguise themselves and enter your social life in order to evaluate you for a job?

These things can’t happen, of course. We live secure in the knowledge that they are against the law.