Media Interviews
21 September 2010

Globalization, corporate citizenship and public-private partnership are among the concepts that entered into the business lexicon at the close of the last century.

What are the roles, responsibilities and risks that will redefine the modern corporation in the 21st century?

Vineet Nayar
01 August 2010

When Vineet Nayar became CEO of HCL Technologies in 2005, the company was in trouble. The IT firm was profitable but it was losing ground to major competitors and risked slipping into irrelevance. Some CEOs might have been tempted to hire a new team of executives from the outside to revitalize the company. Not Nayar.

Fast Company
20 July 2010

Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies, Ltd., explains how inverting the management pyramid leads to superior organizational performance. For more, read "Employees First, Customers Second."

Vineet Nayar