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12 July 2016

NEW DELHI: Named among Asia's top givers, technology veteran Vineet Nayar has fixed a "shutdown" year for his philanthropy aventure Sampark Foundation, which has got a $100-million outlay funded entirely by him and his wife.

Vineet Nayar
10 July 2016

When educating poor youth, which are more effective: laptops and iPads, or rings on string and plastic blocks? Vineet and Anupama Nayar are betting $100 million that it’s the latter. Through their Sampark Foundation, the former HCL Technologies executive and his wife are on a mission to revamp rural India’s primary education system with low-tech teaching tools.

Anupama Nayar and Vineet Nayar
06 July 2016

A big part of the solution to getting young children to learn math in the poorest, most educationally backward parts of the world may be just simple items such as colored rings on strings, plastic blocks of different sizes and multihued circles, triangles and squares. "The kids take a lot of interest when we use these things.

Vineet Nayar
16 July 2015

The Inspiring India series, hosted by Vineet Nayar, former HCL CEO and founder of Sampark Foundation and Gary Hamel, the world’s leading business thinker, was held earlier this year to drive business practitioners to think about leapfrogging global companies trapped in old, obsolete organisation architecture.

Vineet Nayar
22 March 2015

With rapid growth, india’s $2 trillion economy can quintuple to $10 trillion in the next 10 years, say Vineet Nayar, founder, Sampark Foundation, and management expert Gary Hamel. They, however, believe that this will bring multiple challenges. In an interview to Samar Srivastava, Nayar and Hamel pinpoint areas where India Inc needs to focus. Excerpts:

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