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A risktake is a forced error, not the one caused by carelessness or insufficient knowledge. It’s a possibility has been foreseen, calculated, and the risks accepted.

To be able to utilise… more

If you start believing what others say you are, get ready to sink. The moment you allow your mind to drift into negative beliefs, you attract thoughts, people and things that are negative.


The only currency happy people think about is TIME: this is only currency all of us are born with.

When you begin to take responsibility for your time, you start to savor it more, simply… more

the bookthat launched a 100,000 Transformations!

"Rumor is that Vineet Nayar has invented a whole new way of configuring and managing an enterprise. I think there's more than a grain of truth to that. I'm on the verge of the verge of declaring that Mr. Nayar could be the next Peter Drucker." - Judy McGrath, Director, Amazon.com

"By putting employees first and leveraging the power of social technology, Nayar and his colleagues have created an organization that encourages extraordinary contribution from everyone, every day. If you doubt that it's possible to turn the pyramid upside down - or wonder whether it's really necessary - I urge you to read this thoughtful and timely book!" - Dr. Gary P. Hamel, Visiting Professor of Strategic and International Management, London Business School, and author of The Future of Management

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"Vineet Nayar has a revolutionary idea - that business relationships are personal relationships, and that a successful company will understand and integrate that philosophy. Nayar's notions of ‘trust, transparency, and the romance of tomorrow' will rejuvenate the corporate soul." - Tom Peters, Author of In Search of Excellence

newsthat raise an argument and two!

Innovation, transformation are what excite me: Vineet Nayar

Doing transformation, leveraging innovation is what excites me... Transformation of a company is great but after some… more

Vineet Nayar Lead

If you’re a young engineer listening to this podcast, I would say you should be very worried. I do not buy this argument… more


When I talk to HR community I am reminded of a CEO I met a few years ago. This was the CEO of the company called Kodak… more

India's Vineet Nayar Seeks To Transform Primary Education With A $100 Million Philanthropic Outlay

The emphasis in Sampark's project is on what Nayar calls "frugal innovation,' so no fancy iPads or laptops. The cost is… more

Global Thinker 2016' by Foreign Policy for unplugging technology, so kids can learn

They’ve created “smart class kits,” which include various frugal innovations, such as a plastic audio device that… more

Vineet Nayar a sought-after mentor now, guiding no less than 18 startups

He had no mentors. Nayar said this set him back by three to four years. Today, he meets up with a number of startup CEOs… more


Vineet co-founded Sampark Foundation with his wife, Anupama Nayar, back in 2005. Today, Sampark Foundation is transforming learning outcomes for 7 million children studying in 76,000 schools in Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand; making it the world’s largest primary school transformation initiative by a foundation. Forbes in its ‘Heroes of Philanthropy List 2016’ has cited Vineet for this ‘Innovation led large-scale social change’. Vineet, along with his wife, was also featured as a ‘Global Thinker 2016’ by Foreign Policy magazine for "unplugging technology so kids can learn".

This Program is managed by Sampark Foundation under its unique ‘Speak-for-a-cause’ Program which invites organizations to contribute to Sampark in exchange/appreciation for Mr. Nayar’s speaking time and consultation services. Click here to request Vineet’s speaking time.

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