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17 April 2020

Effective leadership is that which anticipates hurdles and sees them as opportunities for growth and development of all.

16 April 2020

Vineet Nayar, Founder and Chairman, Sampark Foundation, said, “We wish to ensure that every child gets an equal opportunity to continue their education during the coronavirus crisis.”
04 February 2020

Disruptive innovation can change the face of education. Technology can make learning a fulfilling and rich experience.

06 January 2020

The author, former CEO of HCL Technologies, is founder cIt has been 10 years since the Right to Education Act came into effect, but India is still grappling with low learning outcomes amongst school kids in rural India. Learning outcomes is the skill a child is expected to acquire after completing a specific grade of education.

India still grappling with low learning outcomes in rural areas, here’s a solution
14 November 2019

As cold winds blew into the classroom through the broken window panes, Sawan and Gita, sitting on tattered rugs in their class, curled up to keep their bodies warm. The teacher standing in front of them had two challenges. How does she teach a room full of children at different stages of learning, hungrily waiting for their mid-day meal?