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11 April 2015

There is only one way of doing business. Honestly. Actually there is only one way of doing anything. Honestly.

Economic Types
19 December 2014

Life after HCL has given me more time to listen to many aspiring, ambitious minds who feel trapped in a situation in the wrong job, with a wrong company a wrong boss, in a wrong relationship or fee ling trapped for reasons they just don't understand.

11 July 2014

By Vineet Nayar

The headlines in the new budget are not the numbers but the underline intention of leveraging frugal innovation through technology to transform India into a country that beats for a billion Indians. It is a budget with a difference. Let me explain.

Vineet Nayar
12 April 2014

A few years back one of the most prominent newspapers in US ran a poll on their website homepage asking readers their view on a new Bill the Congress was mulling on. The choices were “Oppose”, “Agree” or “Can’t say”. Most people voted for “Oppose”, followed by “Agree” and “Can’t say”. The next day the newspaper announced that this was a fake poll. No such Bill existed!

Vineet Nayar