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01 January 2014

When you are a CEO of a listed company, struggling to cover ground amidst an uncertain macro-economic environment and a world full of cynics, you have to pretty much put your all in the game. Endless meetings, challenges galore, flights and fights, overflowing mailboxes and complaint boxes, new crises and old skeletons – the baggage you carry everyday is daunting to say the least.

Vineet Nayar
01 January 2014

By: Vineet Nayar

Only 1% of you may go on to fulfil your aspiration of becoming a CEO of a large company or leading a successful startup! 90% of you are not likely to get anywhere close to your aspirations and ambitions even 25 years from now!"

07 December 2013

Vineet Nayar Founder, Sampark Foundation and Vice-Chairman, HCL Technologies

1. Take those chances

05 December 2013

Today is voting day in Delhi and soon in other states too. I hope all of you reading this blog have decided which party or rather which issues you will be casting your votes for and I hope even more ardently that you will actually go out and vote today.

Vineet Nayar