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15 January 2016

The much-anticipated launch of Startup India this weekend has generated palpable excitement. With Silicon Valley heavyweights flying down for the launch, the initiative is already being applauded.

But, I’m a little concerned.

06 January 2016

By Vineet Nayar

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is someone I admire for his responsible business beliefs and respect for his recent investment in social change. But his Free Basics initiative, highlighted in full-page advertisements in newspapers and billboards, may be well-intentioned but misdirected.

11 April 2015

There is only one way of doing business. Honestly. Actually there is only one way of doing anything. Honestly.

Economic Types
19 December 2014

Life after HCL has given me more time to listen to many aspiring, ambitious minds who feel trapped in a situation in the wrong job, with a wrong company a wrong boss, in a wrong relationship or fee ling trapped for reasons they just don't understand.