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29 May 2013
Raised on social media, Gen Y workers have special skills in pulling together solutions. But how do you build engagement in them to be agents of change?

In recent years, many have focused on the challenges of Gen Y, the latest generation of workers to arrive in and begin to reshape the workplace. For me, they aren’t of merely academic interest.

21 May 2013

Innovate or die is comfortably the loudest call of this business decade. And though there is no denying its importance, yet somehow one feels that the word has been beaten to death by patronizations of all kind.

Vineet Nayar
03 May 2013

I actually have only nine and I hope you will add four more to this list and make it 13, so that it becomes "our" list and not just my list.

Vineet Nayar
02 May 2013

A young manager recently sought my advice on finding the “right” candidate for his team. “Should I look for experience or attitude Vineet?” he asked. “Neither”, I replied.

Vineet Nayar